Download Change

We're currently experiencing some bandwidth problems so Inferos will only be available from IndieDB for the time being.  The website we were hosting from has reached it's download limit (yay!), so we're linking back to IndieDB.  It's the exact same game and version as the one that was previously on the website.  Have a great weekend!

Super Happy Fun Update!

We're making progress!  At this rate our game will be ready to test around December.  The characters are coming along nicely and our game world has started taking shape.  This is one of the lovely people you will meet, the Defender.  He's out to get you, unless you take him down first. 



New Game!

We've started work on a new project.  This one will be made for smartphones, allowing more people to have access to it.  Although the platform is smaller, this one will take just as much effort as Inferos did.  We're sticking to the random generation feature, as we recieved a lot of positive feedback on it.  So you can expect an ever changing layout as you play.  Here a few concept images, keep an eye out for more updates as we go! 

Mac Friendly Build!

Wonderful Mac Users, We now have a working version for you.  We've fixed the locked camera issue, the skipping and missing tiles.

This should be up in a few hours under the downloads section.  I'll make sure to clearly mark it as not to get the windows and mac builds mixed up.

We have tested it on some of the newer mac's available to us as well as a 2010 macbook pro running mountain lion.  So we apologise in advance if it's still a little buggy on some machines.  Should you encounter something you think is a bug, please let us know asap!



Inferos v0.4


Alpha #4 has just been released!  Thanks to everyone viewing, downloading and sharing the game we are currently sitting at position 25 on the most popular list of IndieDB.  To put that in a bit more perspective and further enhance our excitement, Minecraft is number 10.  We are 15 spots away from one of the best selling games of all time.

If you'd like to play the game you can download it here - Inferos: A Thief's Tale v0.4

Inferos: A Thief's Tale v0.3

Hi Readers, the third and hopefully final Alpha for Inferos: A Thief's Tale is done! Check it out in the "Downloads Tab" and tell us what you think.  Our next step is polishing the game and getting it ready for publishing. Below you can see a list of things we've done as well as a tutorial.


  • Cleaner GUI
  • New sounds and theme music
  • Menus!
  • Ability to pause game (Bug Alert:  This still is playing up for some users)
  • Win condition
  • The return of the Ghost Girl! (from our very first concept)
  • Story progression

Updated Tutorial:

  • Move with WASD
  • Hold down the Left Mouse Button (approx 2 seconds) to charge up and shoot a soul
  • Press the Right Mouse Button to see your soul tally
  • Press Left Shift to Sprint
  • You have to talk to both characters in order to gain entrance to the level (some people have been able to get in by only talking to the male, so if you get stuck check the female)
  • The entrance to the level is located to the right of the female in the church, it's a large structure with a door in front.

If you would like to provide us with some feedback  you can fill out this survey.  Everything you can tell us both good and  bad helps us to   improve.

Inferos Testing Survey